About Vice Chancellor

Dr. P. K. Agrawal,
Hon’ble Vice Chancellor,
Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar

           Dr. Pawan Kumar Agrawal was born on 2nd January, 1964 at Junagarh, Odisha. He did his graduation in Agriculture from the Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar. He obtained his M. Sc (Ag) (Plant Breeding) and Ph. D. (Plant Breeding) degrees from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. He did his post-doctoral studies at the prestigious John Innes Centre, Norwich, England. He was awarded with Sardar Iqbal Singh gold medal for his meritorious performance during the M. Sc. (Plant Breeding). He was also bestowed with the ‘AB Joshi Award’, the highest award by IARI, New Delhi. He is a fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, India.

            Dr P.K. Agrawal joined the Indian Council of Agricultural Research as an ARS Scientist and was placed at the National Rice Research Institute, Cuttack. His interest of research is conventional and molecular breeding in rice, maize and finger millet. He has visited and worked in many foreign laboratories. He was a visiting scientist to International Rice Research Institute, the Philippines in 1997 where he worked on marker-assisted selection in rice. During his stay in England as a post-doctoral fellow, he reported a novel biolistic system for multiple gene transformation called ‘Clean DNA Transformation’. He has mapped many genes in maize for amino acid modifiers, Fe and Zn content in kernels. He was also a visiting scientist to WARDA, Ivory Coast, Africa.

            During his research career of more than 26 years, Dr P. K. Agrawal has many scientific contributions. He has developed more than 25 crop varieties in maize, rice and other crops. Vivek QPM 9 is the first MAS derived QPM maize. Similarly, CR 839, a basmati line satisfies the new plant-type named ‘Limited Tillering Plant Type’ which was conceived and developed by him. He is also one of the pioneers in starting work on DNA-marker assisted breeding work in India. He has pyramided many agronomically useful genes in maize, rice and wheat for quality traits and biotic stresses.

He has guided three Ph. D. students and more than fifteen M. Sc. students for their project work and has more than 150 publications including internationally and nationally reputed journals, book chapters and popular articles. He has also authored more than seven books which are widely read globally.

            Dr P. K. Agrawal joined ICAR Headquarters in May 2014 as Assistant Director General and Director, National Agricultural Science Fund, ICAR. He joined as Vice Chancellor of Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar on 14th May 2019.