While attending to the location specific research needs based on identification of production constraints on zonal basis, research efforts must have to be strengthened on natural resource management (optimal utilization of land, water soil) with an objective to minimize degradation of environmental foundation, on INM, IPM and production oriented research to make the farm produces competitive price-wise and quality-wise so as to promote their export. Soil and water related problems, particularly in Orissa, must have to be attended to.

Research efforts which are in infancy in the field of frontier and emerging areas like plant and animal biotechnology, agrometeorology, post-harvest technology, value addition through primary and secondary processing of agricultural produces have to be brought to the forefront.

Field crops oriented research
Development of rice production technology for handicapped ecology, i.e. rainfed upland, lowland, water logged areas, acid soils, iron toxic fields and Rainfed acid degraded uplands.

Development of hybrid rice for increasing rice productivity.

Genetic enhancement of aromatic short grain rice for higher productivity and export.

Development of semi tall high yielding rice varieties with early seedling vigour and drought tolerance.

Cropping system management for sustainability and higher factor of productivity.

Varietal improvement and development optimal packages of practices for pulses and oilseeds for increasing its productivity.

Development of cold tolerant variety of green gram and black gram.

Modelling of crops for higher productivity suitable to a particular agro-climatic zone by manipulating morpho-physiological characteristics.

Organic farming.

Precision Agriculture.

Development of appropriate horticulture based cropping/ farming systems for different agro-climatic zones.

Developing suitable technologies for protected cultivation of export oriented vegetables and flowers.

Developing rapid tools, bio-techniques and technologies for genetic manipulation for vegetative propagation, seed multiplication, micro-propagation through tissue culture and True Potato Seed (TPS) production.

Development of Integrated Pest Management System to reduce input cost, environmental pollution to avoid problems of pesticide residues in horticulturaI crops.

Hybrid Technology in Horticulture.

Agronomy of medicinal plants.

Natural Resource Management
v Water Resource Management

v Rain Water Management

v Soil Resource Management

v Nutrient Management

Animal Science and Fisheries
Development of diagnostic kits for control of diseases in livestock and poultry.

Research on improvement of meat quality and meat production in goats of Orissa through selection.

Survey of different species of livestock of Orissa to know the economic potentiality for different traits.

Value addition to bad catches of fishes.

Research on micro- nutrients in health and production of livestock and poultry.

Drought power of crossbreed bullocks in different agroclimatic zones.

Sweet water prawn culture.

Agril. Engineering
Post-Harvest Technology and value addition.

Development of low cost energy saving and efficient implements for handicapped ecology.

Development of rice transplanter and mat seedling technology to reduce cost of cultivation.

Development of animal drawn weeders.

Technology for development of fodder, fuel and small timber.

Research on forest tree seed technology and agro-forestry models.

Social Science
Policy Research for Sustainable Agriculture and Poverty Alleviation.

Impact Assessment, priority setting and resource allocation with special reference to food security.

International Trade.

Market intelligence study.

Resource optimization in livestock production.

Agriculture information management.

Socio-economic and cultural constraints for adoption of technology.

Pesticide residue management

Management of Agrochemicals.

Development of standard Neem products for management of key agricultural pests.

Management of Wastes