The University has made significant contribution in the areas of crop improvement/ crop production/ natural resource management/ crop protection/ post-harvest technology in agriculture and allied sectors like Veterinary/ Fishery and Forestry Sciences. It has generated appropriate location specific technologies through its research network, adoption of some of which has significantly contributed to increasing the agricultural production keeping pace with the population growth of the State.

Under the crop improvement programme the University has released 108 high yielding crop varieties including 50 rice varieties suitable for different agro-ecological situations of the State.

Detailed crop varieties released by OUAT

Many of the crop varieties like LALAT, KHANDAGIRI, PARIJAT, KONARK, SURENDRA, in rice, SMRUTI in groundnut, UMA, USHA and PRACHI in sesame, SUPRAVA, SURUCHI and SUBRABHI in Ginger, ROMA, SUROMA, RANGA and RASHMI in turmeric, UTKAL TARINI, UTKAL MADHURI, UTKAL KESHRl in Brinjal, UTKAL PALLAVI, UTKAL DIPTI, UTKAL KUMARI and UTKAL URVASI in Tomato, UTKAL RASMI and UTKAL AVA in chilly and UTKAL GAURAV in okra have been accepted by the farming community and are in wide adoption in the State of Orissa.

In the field of crop production, technologies relating to cropping systems, Integrated farming system, fertilizer management, water management, weed management and modern agronomic practices for higher yield with sustainability and profitability under different agro-ecological situations of the state have been generated by the University and are in wide adoption.

Dry land farming technologies, information on soil and moisture conservation including crop varieties suitable for drought prone areas, agri-silvi, silvi-pastoral, agri-horticultural systems, development of appropriate farm implements have also contributed immensely for improvement of productivity and production in agriculture. Integrated pest management strategies, biological and chemical control strategies for important crops have been developed and refined. Adoption of these eco-friendly pest management strategies has resulted in economic benefit to the farming community of the State.

The technologies generated in the field of apiculture and mushroom production have been quite useful in increasing honey and mushroom production in Orissa.

Research in animal and fishery sciences also made progress in the state. Still it requires more attention to fulfill the crying need in the field of animal resource management to meet the requirement of the people.

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