The higher education programmes in the fields of agriculture and allied sectors undertaken by the University during the last 42 years of its existence could meet the bulk need of trained manpower of the state. Graduates and post graduates produced by this University are now manning various projects and programmes in Government and private sectors.

Agricultural production in the state has increased significantly keeping pace with the population growth of the state. As compared to the production and productivity levels in 1962-63 the production of cereals, food grains oilseeds and vegetables have increased from 38.04, 43.23, 1.15 and 27.29 lakh tones to 75.36, 82.33, 5.40 and 73.99 lakh tones in 2001-02 registering 98, 90, 370 and 171 per cent increase respectively. Cropping intensity and fertilizer consumption have also increased from 119 to 151 per cent and 0.80 kg to 41.0 kg/ha. Availability of food grains in the state is quite comfortable. This splendid achievement could be made because of the success in the efforts of Agricultural University, ICAR research institutes, Government policies, and the line Departments of the State and Central Government, Nongovernmental organizations, organizations in agricultural input trades, banks and farming communities.

The three rice varieties released by OUAT, viz. Lalat, Parijat and Khandagiri cover about two third of 2.5 lakh hectare summer rice area of the State registering 300 kg/ha additional yield. Besides, the crop/ vegetable varieties released by OUAT and adopted by farmers of the State has substantially increased the agricultural production of Kharif crops.

Research and extension activities of the University on mushroom have achieved success in the establishment of 53 spawn production units and boosting up mushroom production significantly generating self employment to more than 7000 people. Presently about 10 tones/day of mushroom is produced in the State.

Introduction of the Italian bee has brought out improvement in honey production with 169 m.tones annually in the State.